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Our Philosophy

The Spine Care Clinic was created to provide a caring and high quality diagnostic and treatment service which does not utilise drugs or surgery. The founders of the Clinic recognise that these treatments are necessary at times, and support the prevailing view of the concerned scientific community that alterations in lifestyle, sensible and specific exercises and some non surgical treatment techniques are the best means of decreasing pain and reducing recurrences.

Clinical Philosophy

I am dedicated to providing individualised treatment programs specific to the condition. Utilising the McKenzie Method®, appropriate strength and conditioning exercises among other techniques.

It is important to remember that Back and Neck pain is a normal part of lifeand recurrences throughout life are common. Therefore the key is to become skilled at managing your own problem. It is my role to provide an understanding of the unique characteristics of each problem and appropriate self treatment.

The potential benefits of this approach are far reaching, reducing your reliance on others and allowing you to take effective steps to minimise the chance of future episodes. Ultimately it saves you time and money as well as removing much of the worry an episode of pain often brings.

Many years of experience and training allow accurate diagnosis, education and guidance in the appropriate treatment or management of the problem.

Back and Neck Pain – “Symptoms are Self Limiting”

This is an example of one of the very clever things our body does to protect us.

  • Pain and restricted movement are common features of a problem in the spine.
  • The body uses these symptoms to control the stress on the injured site.
  • So the symptoms act to protect from further injury and allow injured tissue time to heal.
  • As healing occurs the need for protection reduces.
  • With the decrease in symptoms we can gradually return to the positions or activities that were initially problematic.
  • We certainly don’t need to avoid everything that is painful. To do so is actually counter productive. (see Hurt vs Harm)

When the protective mechanism is working well, it is the pattern of the presenting symptoms that form the ground rules, guiding us regarding the appropriate self treatment for each individual problem.

However on occasions this system can become faulty.

  • Pain symptoms can persist beyond the time taken for the tissue to heal.
  • Some of us have a sensitive system. That is to say the auto-immune response to injury or illness is far more aggressive in some individuals. This results in a protective response that is out of balance with the degree of injury producing far more pain than is necessary to protect the injured tissue.
  • The sensitive system often shows itself in other ways. For example an individual might also be very sensitive to medication, have sensitive skin that reacts to creams or plasters etc., suffer irritable bowel, or commonly have aches and pains in various joints or tissues for no apparent reason…
  • There are many other factors that impact on the severity of the symptoms we experience. Anything that causes some distress to our body will influence the degree of pain we experience. For example if we are lacking sleep our bodies will become less efficient and more sensitive. The same thing will occur if we are anaemic, or under a lot of stress etc.

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